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MINDA helps businesses grow profitably.

MINDA = Process + Technology+ Artificial Intelligence + Specialists

Reaching profitable growth with Minda has the following steps:

  • Assessing the current Sales Capital (SC) level (personal competences)
  • Connecting Sales Capital with the organisations sales data for creating Key Performance Indicators
  • Training sales force to maximise Sales Capital
  • Recruiting new employees with proper Sales Capital related personality

MINDA Sales Capital is based on the four most important competencies related to sales:

Empathy, Focus, Hunger, Tenacity

MINDA Sales Capital is the quality measure of sales people. It opens up both individual and organisational development needs and potential.

Connecting Sales Capital with sales data from CRM, it will become clear where the differences are coming from and what the individual potential really is.

Using Sales Capital we build the target profile of successful sales person.

The MINDA system analyses each sales person’s current competence levels, potential and the needs for development.

We provide a full-range service solution with a tailored training program. MINDA training program uses the latest knowledge of learning and emotional intelligence.

We know that a short intervention will not deliver long-lasting change. This is why we have built a solution with both face-to-face and digital elements. Our solution is user-friendly and helps the participants to truly reach the needed levels of competences

Your Sales Capital is accelerated through knowing what kind of sales people to recruit

MINDA system identifies a profile of key competences of ideal sales people. Hence you can assess the applicants and pick the right people to work for you.

With MINDA system it is possible to identify the profile of successful sales person

– in your business

– for your products / services

– in your market area